​​​​​​​​​​Malloch Environmental Ltd is a small company offering a variety of contamination and related services at competitive prices and with an emphasis on providing timely responses.  


All work is carried out in accordance with local rules and regulations, and New Zealand legislation.

We follow best practice whilst also providing innovative solutions that will save you time and money.


Malloch Environmental Ltd can also manage the engagement of other specialists for your projects such as ecologists, surveyors, hydrologists and specialist engineers when required.


We own and use modern portable XRF technology to give instantaneous heavy metal results. The use of this device will save YOU money with less repeat site visits required and lower lab testing costs

All work is carried out by qualified and trained personnel and certified by a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioner (SQEP) as required by regulations.

Soil Contamination Services

  • Advice on what your LLUR listing means

  • ​​Assessment of whether the National Environmental Standard (Soil Contamination) applies to your site​ and activities

  • Preliminary Site Investigations to determine the risk of soil contamination having occurred

  • ​Detailed Site Investigations including soil sampling to determine whether contaminants are present and at what levels

  • Remediation Action Plans and​ Site Management Plans

  • Auditing of reports​

  • Resource Consents related to contaminated soils

  • XRF is available for hire - see details below


Asbestos Building Surveys

  • Advice on Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 and your obligations to identify asbestos

  • ​​Full building management surveys to ensure you comply with the legislation

  • Refurbishment and demolition surveys - you are required to identify asbestos if you are making alterations to a building or demolishing a building

  • Full written report provided in accordance with the Worksafe NZ Good Practice Guidelines

  • Surveys carried out by qualified personnel   (BOHS IP402)

Bioavailability Assessments

  • Bioavailability is the amount of a contaminant that is absorbed from soil into the human digestive system

  • Current guideline values assume 100% bioavailability - testing is now available for lead and arsenic that may show significantly less is bioavailable, resulting in less remediation

  • We can provide advice on the likelihood of a bioavailability assessment making your project more viable,​​ along with all site work and reporting to support a consent application


Lead Paint Testing

Many older houses have paint on them that are likely to contain lead. Lead paints were still used routinely on domestic housing in New Zealand up until around 1965. Even up to around 1980 some paint products could still have lead in them.

Malloch Environmental Ltd can provide full house paint testing using our portable XRF, and advice on how to safely manage any lead paints present. 

Other Services

XRF Hire

For insurance reasons we currently only hire our XRF with a technician. There are two options:

1. XRF and technician only - No other services beyond the appropriate and relevant operation of the XRF is provided. It is expected that the hirer provides a SQEP familiar with the site to direct the work -  $200 plus GST per hour

2. XRF and SQEP - Also includes provision of other services such as remediation work supervision and advice, results analysis, validation sampling and reporting, all by specific request  - $280 plus GST per hour

Conditions apply.

Environmental Planning

We can complete resource consent applications to Regional or Territorial authorities for contamination related activities such as :​

  • Construction related stormwater discharge consent from a contaminated site

  • Land use consent in terms of the National Environmental Standard for Contaminated Soils

  • Passive discharge to land consents for contaminated soils


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